Region News

Sixth Region Spring Meeting in Reno/Sparks, Nevada
was a Great Success!


Meeting Attendees during a tour of the Nevada Governor's Mansion

Picture album from the 2015 Spring Meeting.

2015 Sixth Region Awards
presented at the Spring Meeting


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Army Magazine
A monthly four-color magazine focusing on the activities and interests of the U.S. Army worldwide, ARMY serves a readership interested in issues of national security; past and present issues involving landpower; and future trends in the military arts and sciences. The magazine focuses on developing and presenting thought-provoking articles and analyses for a professionally oriented audience.
No other newspaper better understands and reaches The Army than AUSA NEWS. Reaching key figures in uniform, industry, Congress, the Pentagon and the White House, AUSA NEWS offers a unique monthly insight into what service leaders are thinking, what Congress is changing and what soldiers, their families, veterans, businessmen and businesswomen are saying and doing in the world's premier landpower force. Its timely reporting on subjects of direct importance to America's Army makes AUSA NEWS must reading for all ranks in the active force, United States Army Reserve, Army National Guard and all doing business with the Army.


The Institute of Land Warfare (ILW) extends the influence of AUSA by informing and educating its members; local, regional and national leaders; and the American public, on the critical nature of land forces and the importance of the United States Army. ILW carries out a broad program of activities including the publication of professional research papers, newsletters, background briefs, essays and special reports.

Here are some of the recent topics addressed by ILW: